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Sheffield v Liverpool, 5th May 1960 Bradford v Sheffield, 16th July 1960 Stoke v Sheffield, 23rd July 1960 Edinburgh v Sheffield, 13th August 1960 Sheffield v Yarmouth, 25th Augst 1960
Middlesbrough v Sheffield, 6th April 1961 Cradley Heath v Sheffield, 10th June 1961 Sheffield v Edinburgh, 27th July 1961 Edinburgh v Sheffield, 7th April 1962 Bradford v Sheffield, 27th April 1962
Newcastle v Sheffield, 7th May 1962 Sheffield v Leicester, 21st June 1962 Sheffield v Cradley Heath, 12th July 1962 Leicester v Sheffield, 10th August 1962 Belle Vue v Shefield, Handicap Challenge
Middlesbrough v Sheffield, 4th April 1963 Cradley v Sheffield, Iron & Steel Trophy 1963 Rayleigh v Sheffield, Provincial League Hackney v Sheffield, 3rd July 1963 Poole v Sheffield, 10th July 1963
Sheffield v New Cross, 1st August 1963 Long Eaton v Sheffield, Trent Trophy Sheffield v Middlesbrough, 12th Sept 1963 Edinburgh v Sheffield, 4th April 1964 Middlesbrough v Sheffield, 17th April 1964
Sunderland v Sheffield, 5th May 1964 Sheffield v Newcastle, 7th May 1964 Sheffield v Long Eaton, 13th August 1964 Cradley Heath v Sheffield, 1st May 1965 Exeter v Sheffield, 17th May 1965
Sheffield v Wimbledon, 3rd June 1965 Long Eaton v Sheffield, 9th June 1965 Swindon v Sheffield, 26th June 1965 Sheffield v Kiwis, 12th Aug 1965 King's Lynn v Sheffield, 21st Aug 1965
Glasgow v Sheffield, 22nd October 1965 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 26th March 1966 World Championship Qualifying round, 26th May 1966 Nordic British Final, 14th July 1966 Sheffield v Glasgow, 25th August 1966
King's Lynn v Sheffield, Fri 7th April 1967 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 3rd June 1967 Oxford v Sheffield, 22nd June 1967 Sheffield v West Ham, 10th August 1967 Nelson v Sheffield 'B', 26th August 1967
Pride of the East, 8th September 1967 Sheffield v Leicester, 9th May 1968 Halifax v Sheffield, 8th June 1968 Glasgow v Sheffield, 21st June 1968 British Semi-final, 27th June 1968
England v Poland, 18 July 1968 Sheffield v Coatbridge, 15th August 1968 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 7th September 1968 Sheffield v King's Lynn, 10th April 1969 Coventry v Sheffield, 31st May 1969
England v Australia, 5 June 1969 GB v Sweden, 21 June 1969 Halifax v Sheffield, 12th July 1969 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 2nd August 1969 King's Lynn v Sheffield, 30th Aug 1969
Coatbridge v Sheffield, 6th September 1969

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