Please note - this is an unoffical fixture list. Click the score to see the match details. Start times of away fixtures are my best guesses.
Please check before travelling as last minute changes may not be reflected here. For the latest information call the
Speedway office on 0114 2853142.

Key: CL = Championship League, KO = Knock Out Cup,
CS = Championship Shield .

'Tigers' 2018 Fixtures
Date Time Opponents H/A Comp Result Pts
Mar. 25 4:00pm Simon's Last Lap Vaculik, B.Kurtz, Iversen
Apr. 5 7:30pm Newcastle H CS 59-31 3
12 7:30pm Peterborough H CL too damp
19 7:30pm Scunthorpe H CS 52-38 3
20 7:30pm Scunthorpe A CS 41-49 0
26 7:30pm Redcar H CS
27 7:30pm Redcar A CS
29 7:00pm Newcastle A CS
May 3 7:30pm reserved H
4 7:30pm Glasgow A CL
10 7:45pm British semi-final
17 7:30pm reserved H
19 7:30pm Berwick A


24 7:30pm Workington H CL
31 7:30pm Redcar H KO
June 1 7:30pm Redcar A KO
7 7:30pm Ipswich A CL
9 7:30pm Workington A CL
14 7:30pm Berwick H CL
21 7:30pm Glasgow H CL
24 7:30pm Newcastle A CL
28 7:30pm reserved H
July 5 7:30pm Ipswich H CL
12 7:30pm reserved H
13 7:30pm Lakeside A CL
19 7:30pm reserved H
26 7:30pm Lakeside H CL
27 7:30pm Scunthorpe A CL
Aug. 2 7:30pm Scunthorpe H CL
9 7:30pm Redcar H CL
10 7:30pm Redcar A CL
16 7:30pm Newcastle H CL
17 7:30pm Edinburgh A CL
23 7:30pm Edinburgh H CL
30 7:30pm reserved H
Sept. 2 ?:00pm C. L. R. C.
6 7.30pm reserved H
13 7.30pm reserved H
20 7.30pm reserved H
27 7.30pm reserved H
Oct. 4 7:30pm reserved H
t.b.a. ? ?.??pm Peterborough A CL

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