Key:  + = from 15m handicap,  * = Tactical ride for double points
SHEFFIELD WINDOW CENTRE Tigers v Workington Comets Premier TrophyApril 23

Referee: Peter Clarke

1. Ricky Ashworth © 7.57 3 3 3 1 10
2. Paul Cooper 5.51 1 1 3 2' 0 7+1
3. Ritchie Hawkins 5.44 1 2 2' 2 7+1
4. Joel Parsons 6.06 f 1' 3 2' 6+2
5. Richard Hall 6.83 3 3 3 3 2 14
6. Chris Mills 4.93 2 0 1 3 6
7. Josh Auty 4.55 1' 0 2' fx 3+2
Eric Boocock 4 3 1 3 3 4 3 5 5 5 4 2 4 5 2
Sheffield Tigers 4 7 8 11 14 18 21 26 31 36 40 42 46 51 53
Thomas Armstrong Comets 2 5 10 13 16 18 21 22 23 24 28 35 37 38 42
Ian Thomas 2 3 5 3 3 2 3 1 1 1 4 7 2 1 4
1. Kevin Doolan © 10.32 2 3 *4 2 1 12
2. John Branney 3.68 0 f 1 0 1
3. Adrian Rymel 9.73 2' 2 fx *6 3 13+1
4. Charles Wright 4.29 3 1' 1 f 5+1
5. André Compton 8.48 2 2 f f 4
6. Luke Priest 3.00 3 1' 0 r 1 1 1 7+1
7. Richard Lawson 3.00 f - - - 0
Track record = 59.3
Chris Holder, 6 Sept 2007
0102030405060708091011121314 15
60.4awd 62.061.362.5 63.962.763.4awd 63.7

 Ricky Ashworth and Paul Cooper trapped ahead in heat 1 but Kevin Doolan's outside swoop gave him the momentum to slip inside Paul down the back straight. Ricky's winning time was the fastest so far this season. Luke Priest surprised most people by trapping ahead in heat 2 with Richard Lawson last to the first turn. Luke maintained his lead for four laps while Richard got the feel of the track and then put in a big effort to swoop around Josh Auty on the outside of the first turn on the last lap. He tried a little too hard and took an innocuous looking tumble which unfortunately resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Charles Wright made a peach of a start to lead heat 3 while Adrian Rymel drifted Ritchie Hawkins wide to join his partner at the front. Joel Parsons wasn't really making any headway until he moved out wide on the last lap and overdid it on the third turn. Ritchie saw him going and laid it down at the back before clambering back on board to claim the third place point. Luke (replacing Richard Lawson who has withdrawn from the meeting) led heat 4 until the second bend when both Richard Hall and André Compton rounded him and that's how it finished. Kevin took a comfortable win in heat 5 ahead of Ritchie. John Branney wound it up around the outside on the last lap and looked sure to pass Ritchie if he hadn't hit the fence and fallen, while Joel free-wheeled over the finish line with a dead motor gifting Ritchie second place. The Thomas Armstrong Comets lead by two points but it could have been much more.

The first Ricky versus André clash went to the home captain following a good start to heat 6 while Paul picked off Luke on the first corner to level the scores. Adrian led the way in heat 7 with Charles ahead of Chris Mills and Richard trailing. Not for long though as Richard picked off his team mate and set off after Charles who he passed on the third bend of lap two. He still wasn't finished though and scraping the boards he powered around Adrian off the last bend to steal victory on the line to the delight of the supporters. Luke made another lightning start to lead heat 8 but Paul's outside drive allowed him to draw level on the back straight. As they turned into the third turn Luke slid off but was quickly up and back into the saddle. André flashed from the start to lead heat 9 and was half a straight clear when he fell on the third turn (just where Luke fell the previous lap) gifting the Tigers another 5-1. Ricky led heat 10 from Paul until Adrian moved up to second on the pits turn. Paul powered high and wide and was level with Adrian down the back straight. Paul held his line around the third turn while Adrian tumbled off inside him causing the race to be stopped. The Tigers took an untroubled win in the restart ahead of Charles Wright and now lead by twelve points courtesy of three consecutive 5-1's.

Kevin was wearing the black & white in heat 11 but it was Richard who made the gate. Adrian was also given a tactical in heat 12 but the race was restarted after Josh reared on the way to turn one and fell awkwardly. Ritchie gave chase in the rerun but Adrian took six points for his win and Luke's third place narrowed the deficit to just five points. Heat 13 featured the big guns from both teams and a frantic first turn saw André spin off with Richard very lucky not to be collected and going on to pass Kevin on the back straight. Chris led heat 14 from Joel with Charles winding it on around the outside. Charles drew level with Joel down the home straight but went too wide on the first turn on the last lap, hit the fence on turn two and was sent flying through the air as his bike somersaulted away. Amazingly he was straight up onto his feet and walking back to the pits! Paul got the nod for heat 15 but couldn't mix it with Kevin and Adrian. Richard rounded Kevin on the third turn but try as he might he couldn't get the better of Adrian just missing out on his maximum.

A fast track with a lot of fallers, many of them down to riders trying too hard around the outside. Richard Lawson is expected to be riding this weekend. Josh Auty got nasty cuts to his face having landed face first but has had stitches and will be at Lakeside for the U21 meeting.

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