Sheffield Speedway Results 2006

World U21 Championship - Qualifying round

Owlerton Stadium

14th May

Referee: Will Hunter 0102030405060708091011121314 151617181920Tot Posn.

Rene Van Weele

2 2 2 1 1 8 8th

Chris Holder

3 3 2 3 3 14 2nd

Steve Boxall

ef 1 2 2 2 7 9th

Andrew Aldridge

1 ef ef 0 0 1 16th

Mathieu Tressarieu

ef x2 ef 1 2 3 12th

Adrian Miedzinski

2 2 3 3 3 13 3rd

Troy Batchelor

3 2 1 2 2 10 6th

Jason King

1 2 3 0 3 9 7th

Lewis Bridger

0 ef 1 2 ef 3 12th

Filip Sitera

1 1 2 0 2 6 11th

Karol Zabik

3 3 fx 2 3 11 1ST

James Wright

2 3 3 3 1 12 4th

Ed Kennett

3 3 3 1 0 10 5th

Skyler Greyson

1 0 0 0 1 2 14th

Martin Vaculik

0 0 1 1 0 2 15th

Kyle Legault

2 1 x 3 ef 6 10th

Ben Barker

1 1

Benji Compton

Track record
59.5 Simon Stead
010203040506 070809 10111213141516 17181920
62.363.163.463.964.0 62.563.764.463.863.7 64.465.163.263.564.5 64.465.065.964.565.0

Karol Zabik1ST
Chris Holder2nd
Adrian Miedzinski3rd
James Wright4th

After a full days rain the track staff worked wonders to get the meeting on. The early races had an 'experimental' feel to them, but with so many Owlerton debutantes that was always going to be the case. Chris Holder won the first heat with ease, and then fell on the first turn AFTER the race had finished, reprising the fall he suffered on the parade lap. Quite a character! Troy Batchelor won heat 2 keeping the Commonwealth Blue Ensign flying high. Karol Zabik showed a clean pair of heels to James Wright wining heat 3 with Lewis Bridger nearly rounding Filip Sitera on the pits turn at the end of lap 3. Perhaps he'd have made it if he'd taken up the offer of the practice session on Thursday. Ed Kennett trapped to win heat 4, but once Kyle made up for his poor start he was all over him and dived through into the lead on the third turn on the last lap. Ed however was having none of that and powered around him off the last turn to steal back first place.

Matt Tressarieu missed heat 5 on the time allowance, Ed Kennett taking an easy win with Rene van Weele just holding off meeting reserve Ben Barker for second place. Chris Holder managed to stay on board all the way back to the pits winning heat 6, and Karol Zabik passed Troy Batchelor on the second turn en-route to his second win in heat 7. James Wright won heat 8 from Jason King with Kyle struggling but eventually passing Andrew Aldridge on the second lap, with the Kiwi grinding to a halt seconds later.

Kyle rounded Adrian Miedzinski on the second turn of heat 9 with Karol Zabik hot on his heels. Karol then tried just a little too hard and clouted the fence on the third turn earning himself an exclusion. In the rerun Adrian made the gate and then had a terrific scrap giving Kyle an almighty shove to regain the lead on the pits turn. Kyle was obviously more interested in winning than qualifying and retook the lead with a no holds barred dive on the first turn which resulted in Adrian clattering into the fence and Kyle's exclusion light flickering on. Chris Holder showed how long it takes to learn the way around Owlerton passing James Wight to lead at the end of the first lap of heat 10. James wasn't taking it that easy though and responded by diving back into the lead on the same bend on the last lap. Jason King won heat 11 and Ed Kennett maintained his unbeaten status to lead the field after three rides with Filip Sitera easily blocking any potential threat from Lewis Bridger.

Wrighty won heat 13 with ease, as did Chris Holder in heat 14 although in that one interest was concentrated on the great scrap between Ed Kennett and Karol Zabik which was won by the Pole thanks to a decisive inside pass on the second turn on the last lap. Kyle put qualification back on the menu with a comfortable win in heat 15 with Mathieu Tressarieu nearly catching Steve Boxall on the line. Adrian Miedzinski stormed away to win heat 16 with Lewis Bridger taking easy points from the 'also rans'.

One ride left and everyone knew what was required of them. Jason King booked his ferry ticket by winning heat 17. Kyle just needed second place in heat 18 to qualify but both he and Lewis Bridger were left standing as the tapes rose, Kyle's primary chain being the reason for him ducking out. Chris Holder won from Troy Batchelor with both of them making the cut. Steve Boxall trapped to lead heat 19 but Adrian Miedzinski wasted little time taking the lead on the back straight, something which neither James Wright or Ed Kennett seemed capable of emulating. Karol Zabik booked his place in the meeting final by trapping to win heat 20 with Skyler Greyson diving under Andrew Aldridge on the second lap for the odd point.

The final was won by fast starting Karol Zabik, although either Chris Holder or Adrian Miedzinski could have passed him if they hadn't spent the entire four laps dicing with each other, with Chris being just slightly ahead as the chequered flag fell to claim second place.

Shame the Russians didn't make it. Regrets for Kyle ducking out big style and Rene van Weele can consider himself the luckiest rider around as he qualified without ever looking the part! Steve Boxall never looked like he was at the races, and Lewis Bridger needs more experience on proper speedway tracks if he wants to make it in the World Championships. Some excellent racing on an initially tricky track which improved as the meeting progressed. I know the weather was poor but all those people who stayed away missed a treat of a speedway meeting.