Sheffield Speedway Results 2004

Jeff Hall Suzuki TopGun Championship Owlerton Stadium 27th May 2004
Rider0102030405060708091011121314 151617181920Tot
Richard Hall 3 3 2 3 3 14 2nd
Luke Priest 1 0 1 0 0 2
Ben Powell ef - - - - 0
Paul Cooper 2 3 3 3 2 13 6th
Ben Wilson 3 2 3 3 3 14 1ST
Benji Compton f 1 1 1 2 5
James Cockle 2 3 1 1 3 10 5th
David Speight 1 0 3 2 0 6
Rob Grant 3 fx 1 2 2 8
Ritchie Hawkins 2 3 2 1 2 10 3rd
Corey Blackman 0 1 0 1 f 2
Ricky Dennis 1 1 2 2 f 6
Barrie Evans 2 1 0 3 3 9
John Oliver ef 2 2 fx - 4
Michael Mitchell 2 2 0 0 1 5
Mark Thompson 3 2 3 2 1 11 4th
Junior track record
62.1 (Ross Brady)
010203040506 070809 10111213141516 17181920
62.864.663.965.862.7 64.665.565.063.364.8 66.065.563.966.564.4 65.465.465.8awd65.5

Semi-final FINAL
James Cockle3rd Richard Hall2nd
Paul Cooper4th Ben Wilson1ST
Mark Thompson1st Mark Thompsonfx
Ritchie Hawkins2nd Ritchie Hawkins3rd

A great meeting with some cracking racing. Paul Cooper battled hard before passing Luke Priest on the last lap to claim 2nd in heat 2 behind a flying Richard Hall. Ben Powell's bike expired at the back on the third lap and that was the last we saw of him. Ben Wilson took heat 2 from James Cockle with Benji Compton fighting to stay on at the back and eventually hitting the deck on the final bend. Rob Grant beat Ritchie Hawkins comfortably in heat 3, and Mark Thompson won heat 4 with Michael Mitchell finishing ahead of Barrie Evans after John Oliver suffered engine failure.

Richard Hall won heat 5 in the fastest time of the night after Rob Grant fell with Ben Wilson passing Barrie Evans on the inside of the pits bend on the second lap. Ritchie Hawkins won heat 6 from the impressive John Oliver, and while James Cockle won heat 7 there was passing and repassing from Michael Mitchell and Corey Blackman behind him. Mark Thompson blasted around Paul Cooper out of turn 2 to lead heat 8, but Paul moved back into the lead in the same place on the next lap.

Richard Hall got caught in traffic at the start of heat 9 and then failed to pass the fence scraping Mark Thompson, while Ben Wilson won heat 10 with Luke Priest rounding Michael Mitchell on the last lap. David Speight bounced back to pass John Oliver on the last lap to win heat 11, and fast starting Barrie Evans baled out when Paul Cooper passed him on the third turn in heat 12.

John Oliver went too wide on the 3rd turn in heat 13 but was quickly back on his feet and Richard Hall was the comfortable winner, while Barrie Evans just made it to the line ahead of the ever pressing David Speight in heat 14. After transgressing at the tapes Ritchie Hawkins never got into contention off a 10m handicap in heat 15 which Ben Wilson won by passing Mark Thompson on the third lap as Mark insisted on scraping the safty fence. Paul Cooper won heat 16 from Rob Grant.

Richard Hall confirmed his place in the final by winning heat 17 with Ritchie Hawkins moving from last to 2nd on the third bend to follow him home. James Cockle booked his semi-final place in heat 18 and although Rob Grant's 2nd place wasn't enough, hard working Mark Thompson's 3rd place was. Barrie Evan's second win wasn't enough either (he improved as the track slickened) but Ricky Dennis took a purler off the last bend on the third lap with his bike launching itself clear over the pits gate! Ben Wilson won heat 20 to join Richard in the final but he was on the brink of being passed by Paul Cooper when Paul's engine exploded leaving him to push home for second as Corey Blackman had fallen on lap 2.

The semi-final saw Paul astride Rob Grant's machine but after a poor start he couldn't make up ground with Mark Thompson heading Ritchie Hawkins into the final. Ben Wilson passed Richard Hall to lead the final just as Mark Thompson again rode too wide this time falling on the third turn. In the rerun Ben did exactly the same to run out the deserved winner on a fine night of racing.

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