Key: + = from 15m handicap, ts = tactical substitute
Scunthorpe 'Scorpions' v SHEFFIELD WINDOW CENTRE 'Tigers' Championship 21st June

Referee: Darren Hartley

1. Josh Auty © 8.04 1 3 3 3 3 13
2. Danny Ayres 4.43 3 1 3 2' 0 9+1
3. Tero Aarnio (g) (7.26) 3 3 2 3 11
4. Stefan Nielsen 5.69 1 2' 0 2 5+1
5. Ryan Douglas (g) (7.26) 3 3 2 fx 8
6. Alfie Bowtell (g) (2.90) 3 - 2' 1' 1' 7+3
7. Ryan Kinsley 2.00 1 0 0 - 1 2
David Peet 4 4 4 3 5 4 3 5 2 5 3 4 3 3 3
Scunthorpe 'Scorpions' 4 8 12 15 20 24 27 32 34 39 42 46 49 52 55
Sheffield 'Tigers' 2 4 6 9 10 12 15 16 20 21 24 26 29 32 35
Simon Stead 2 2 2 3 1 2 3 1 4 1 3 2 3 3 3
1. Danny King 8.46 2 1 *3 3 2 11
2. Drew Kemp 4.79 0 0 ef fx 0
3. Ty Proctor 6.68 0 1' 0 2 3+1
4. Broc Nicol 4.00 2 2 1 0 5
5. Kyle Howarth © 7.21 2 2 1 1' 2 8+1
6. Zaine Kennedy 4.00 fx - - - 0
7. Josh MacDonald 4.00 2 1' 0 1 f 3 1' 8+2
Track record: 55.18
Chris Harris, 5 Sep 2014
0102030405 0607080910 1112131415
60.34  awd  58.81 58.75 58.72 59.43 59.03 59.95 59.00 59.19 59.22 58.91 58.75 59.75 59.22

Scunthorpe programme Tigers win the toss but Kyle takes 1&3 when even I know gate 4 is the favoured gate at the EWR! Danny King gets a flyer so Darren Hartley has to stop the race and warn him to remain still at the start. Danny Ayres leads down the back straight from Danny King. Drew leaves a big gap on the inside of the third bend on the second lap and Josh Auty is straight through and very nearly catches Danny K off the last bend. Zaine keeps it tight on the second bend and leads down the back straight but Josh MacDonald runs out of space and has to pick himself out of the fence. Second time and Alfie Bowtell leads from Josh. Zaine in third pulls an enormous wheelie out of turn four on the second lap, attempts to dismount but flies through the air with limbs splayed before falling heavily into the (non air) fence. After receiving attention on track he left in the ambulance. (Admitted to hospital with cracked ribs and bruised lung. Best wishes Zaine!) Guest Aarnio and Stefan Nielsen lead heat 3. Broc nearly gets wiped out when Stefan lifts down the back straight but goes around him on the second bend on the third lap. Ty Proctor seems quite content to pootle around at the back. Ryan Douglas wins heat 4 from the tapes. Ryan Kinsley is right on Josh M's exhaust but can't get past. The Scorpions lead heat 5 from the tapes, Danny K and Drew go through the motions but look disinterested. Scorpions lead by 10 points.

Kyle and Josh M lead heat 6. Josh messes up on bend 4 to let the home pair through and Josh A waits until the third tun on the last lap before diving under Kyle and into the lead. The Ryans lead heat 7. Broc thunders around the outside of bends 3&4 into second place but Ryan K reclaims the place on bend 1. Broc and Ty both pass him into turn three to share the heat. Danny A leads heat 8, Drew off gate 4 rounds Alfie and Josh gets all out of shape on the first bend. Drew retires before he completes a lap. Danny K is a tactical substitute for Zaine in heat 9. Off gate 4 and in a blanket start he ends up in the first bend fence. Despite a dead leg he limps back to the pits and takes his place in the rerun. Tero isn't close enough this time. Danny dives under leader Kyle into turn 3 moving him so wide that Tero follows through. So much for team riding! Kyle and Tero then have a cracking race with the Scorpions guest ultimately taking second place, but don't knock it, it's the Tigers first heat advantage! Josh A and Dannny A lead heat 10. Broc goes high and wide and passes Danny A out of turn two, but then goes almost into the pits on turn 3 and loses the place he'd just won. Ty? Don't ask! Scorpions lead by 18 points now.

Drew almost made it to turn 2 in heat 11; almost. Danny K won from tapes to flag. Josh M replaces Zaine in heat 12 but makes a hash of the first turn and doesn't recover. Ty is gifted 2nd but never gets close to Tero. The Tigers top two lead a close pack down the back straight in heat 13. Danny dives under Kyle into turn three and in the ensuing mayhem Ryan D bales out and is excluded. Danny leads the rerun but all eyes are on Josh A and Kyle throwing themselves at each other in the battle for 2nd place. Kyle covers the inside line into turn three but finds himself baulked by leader Danny K while Josh A makes hay with an outside blast which takes over the finish line ahead. Josh M passes Alfie off bend 4 to lead heat 14. Stefan follows past on the next lap and Broc blasts around high and wide after Alfie. Broc's wide line gains yards on the first two turns but he then throws it away by virtually visiting the pits on the third turn lap after lap. Kyle, Josh A and Josh M dispute the lead for a couple of laps in heat 15 until the skippers pull ahead. Josh passes Kyle on the inside into the first bend last lap. Kyle switches back and they are abreast down the back straight. Kyle goes tight into turn three allowing Josh free reign to blast high and wide and takes the flag.

Having seen Drew and Danny testing each others bikes following our last home match I expected Drew would have sussed his bike problems. He's then obviously not interested in doing well for us, so time to get rid. Ty put together three wins in that same match and I suggested he'd recovered his mojo. Hah! Zaine has great potential but has to learn that he can't do EVERY lap at 100%. Kyle didn't manage a single heat win on one of his favourite tracks. Danny has a strange concept of team riding causing Kyle to lose places on two occasions in this meeting. Broc seemed unable to realize that such a wide entry to the 3rd bend wasn't a good idea. Josh MacDonald, on his debut at the EWR, was probably the one good thing the Tigers fans could applaud from our side of the pits.

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