Key:  + = from 15m handicap,  * = Tactical ride for double points
SHEFFIELD WINDOW CENTRE Tigers v Rye House Rockets Premier LeagueJuly 30

Referee: Barbara Horley

1. Ricky Ashworth © 8.21 2' 3 1 1 7+1
2. Hugh Skidmore 5.00 3 2' 3 3 11+1
3. Joel Parsons 5.23 1 ef 3 3 7
4. Richard Hall 6.48 3 2 1 3 9
5. Josh Auty 6.00 2' 2 3 3 3 13+1
6. Paul Cooper 3.78 3 ef 2' 2' 7+2
7. Chris Mills 4.83 1 3 2' 2' fx 8+2
Eric Boocock 5 4 4 5 2 5 2 5 4 4 5 5 4 5 3
Sheffield Tigers 5 9 13 18 20 25 27 32 36 40 45 50 54 59 62
Rye House Rockets 1 3 5 6 10 11 18 19 21 23 24 25 29 30 33
John Sampford 1 2 2 1 4 1 7 1 2 2 1 1 4 1 3
1. Chris Neath 7.90 0 1 1 *4 2 8
2. Luke Bowen 6.10 1 0 3 1 f 5
3. Linus Sundstrom 6.62 2 *6 2 1 1 1' 13+1
4. Joe Haines r/r 7.02 - - - - (2)
5. Robert Mear 7.79 0 1 1 2 0 4
6. Tommy Allen 4.85 2 0 0 0 0 2
7. Andrew Silver 5.10 0 1 r 0 1
Track record = 59.2
R. Ashworth, 21 May 2009
0102030405060708091011121314 15
62.062.5 62.662.662.961.862.1 62.663.062.463.1 awd

Hugh and Ricky lead heat 1  Hugh made a cracking start to lead heat 1 and Ricky tucked in behind and rode shotgun for the first couple of laps until Hugh opened up a comfortable lead. Tommy Allen pushed Paul Cooper wide on the first corner of heat 2 but Paul battled back and dived through into the lead at the start of the second lap. Richard Hall trapped to lead heat 3 but Linus Sundstrom passed Joel Parsons on the third turn and then kept Richard busy all the way to the chequered flag. Chris Mills led heat 4 with slow starting Josh Auty trailing both Robert Mear and Andrew Silver. Josh passed both of the Rockets with a scintillating pits turn at the end of the second lap. Luke Bowen trapped to lead heat 5 and held on for the win despite everything Richard tried. Chris Neath inherited a point when Joel's bike conked out on the last lap. The Tigers lead stands at a comfortable ten points.Paul outside Tommy in heat 2

Joel and Luke in heat 3Ricky flies into the lead of heat 6 but Hugh trails both Rockets by quite a margin. Hugh soon makes up lost ground and dives past Tommy on the pits turn at the end of the second lap. He then chases after Robert and passes him on the first turn of the last lap. Robert comes back at him on the last turn but Hugh holds on for second place. Linus is on a tactical in heat 7 and makes a cracker of a start to take the lead. Josh tries everything he can but Linus is on the case and an impressive winner. Robert picks up a point when Paul's bike grinds to a halt on the second lap. Andrew is the early leader of heat 8 but is passed simultaneously by Hugh (outside) and Chris Mills (inside) on the pits turn on the first lap. He then goes too wide on the second turn of the last lap letting Luke through for the remaining point. Robert leads heat 9 until Joel dives past at the end of the first lap. Richard tries to follow suit but can't get the advantage. He switches to the wide line which allows Tommy to pass him at the end of the third lap but scraping the safety fence around the last turn allows him to regain third place on the finish line. Hugh traps to win heat 10 and record his first ever paid maximum. Ricky looked set for second until Linus took the Richard Hall line and rounded Ricky at the end of the second lap. Tigers have extended their lead to seventeen points. Josh scraping the fence to pass Robert in heat 4

Richard looking for a way past Linus in heat 5You won't read this very often, but Josh Auty trapped ahead in heat 11! Paul blasted around Chris Neath on the second turn for another maximum heat win. Joel put his mechanical problems behind him to win heat 12 and Chris Mills passed Linus on the inside of the pits turn for another 5-1. Chris Neath is on a tactical ride (!) in heat 13 and he traps ahead of the pack. Ricky picks up unexpected drive on the second turn and nearly wipes out Josh. Josh's momentum carries him past Chris into the third turn while Ricky is battling to get back on terms, eventually passing Robert on the second turn on the last lap. It's so close at the front in heat 14! Richard inches ahead of Linus on the pits turn at the end of lap 1 and Paul is right there in contention as well. Paul has the better line exiting turn two on the third lap and the Tigers just hold on for tightest of 5-1's. Linus led heat 15 as far as the second bend where he was mugged by Josh around the outside and Chris Mills on the white line. He fought back and was challenging when Chris lifted and fell on the second bend of lap three. Chris was quickly up and clearing the track when Barbara looked up from her knitting pattern and stopped the race.

It might have been a 29 point winning margin but there was some cracking racing. Respect to the track staff who after a stock car meeting and heavy rain worked wonders to prepare a great racing strip, and all the riders for an entertaining meeting.

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