Key:+ = from 15m handicap,  * = Tactical ride for double points,  ! = Tactical substitution from 15m
SHEFFIELD WINDOW CENTRE 'Tigers' v Rye House 'Rockets' Premier League 1 July

Referee: Peter Clarke

0102030405 0607080910 1112131415 Tot+Bp
1. Ricky Ashworth 8.05 1' 3 3 1' 1 9+1
2. Hugh Skidmore 5.75 2 1 0 2' 5+1
3. Josef Franc 5.65 3 1' 1 2 7+1
4. Richard Hall 6.45 2' 2 3 3 3 13+1
5. Josh Auty 7.63 2 3 3 2 10
6. Paul Cooper ©


2' f 1 x2 3+1
7. Simon Lambert 3.42 3 1' 3 0 1 8+1
Eric Boocock 3 5 5 3 3 4 3 3 4 5 4 2 3 4 4
Sheffield 'Tigers' 3 8 13 16 19 23 26 29 33 38 42 44 47 51 55
SilverSki 'Rockets' 3 4 5 8 11 13 16 19 23 24 28 32 35 37 39
John Sampford 3 1 1 3 3 2 3 3 4 1 4 4 3 2 2
1. Kevin Doolan (g) 9.88 3 3 *4 0 2 12
2. Kyle Hughes 6.24 0 x2 2 0 2
3. Chris Neath © 6.97 0 2 1 3 6
4. Stefan Ekberg 7.57 1 1' 0 2 4+1
5. Jordan Frampton 8.28 3 2 *4 3 0 12
6. Lee Strudwick 3.00 0 0 - 0 - 0
7. Robbie Kessler 5.69 1 x 0 1' 1 0 3+1
Track record: 59.2
R.Ashworth, 21 May '09
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15














64.2 63.7

2010 programme  Kevin Doolan traps ahead in heat 1 and holds off an inside move by Hugh Skidmore on the second turn. Ricky Ashworth seems reluctant to move off the white line. Paul Cooper takes Robbie Kessler the long way around the second turn in heat 2 allowing new signing Simon Lambert through into second place. Simon goes around Paul on the pits turn and Paul rides shotgun for a couple of laps until Robbie loses ground. Josef Franc traps to lead heat 3. Richard Hall passes Chris Neath on the first turn but Stefan Ekberg powers around him out of turn two. Richard dives under him on the pits turn and the Tigers pair extend a comfortable lead. Robbie gated to lead heat 4 from team mate Jordan Frampton. Simon powers around Jordan out of the second turn on the second lap but then tries to round Robbie on the pits turn and finishes back in third place. Josh dives under Simon on the first turn of the third lap and cuts inside Jordan on the third turn. He passes Robbie on the fourth turn but Robbie gets better drive out of the turn to retake the lead. It looked to me as if Josh then tried to switch to the inside of Robbie and clipped his rear wheel but the result was an horrific pile up with Josh and Jordan taking a nasty looking fall. Jordan was quickly to his feet but it was a while before the paramedics let Josh follow suit. His luck was obviously in tonight because referee Peter Clarke discluded Robbie as being the cause of the race being stopped! After a lengthy delay while track staff rebuilt the safety fence it was Jordan who sped into the lead with Josh chasing hard. Kevin led heat 5 from Josef and Richard with Lee Strudwick trailing the field after Kyle Hughes had exceeded the time allowance. Richard toiled for two laps before rounding his team mate and setting off after Kevin. He drew briefly alongside on the inside of turn two on the last lap and then scraped the fence on the pits turn and there were centimeters between the pair as they crossed the line. Tigers lead by eight points.

Ricky and Hugh trap ahead in heat 6 but Jordan has other ideas and gets alongside Hugh on the third turn before drifting him out on the fourth. Ricky does enough to keep the lead. Stefan and Chris lead heat 7 but Josh passes Chris on the outside of the second turn on the second lap, and then dives under Stefan on the third bend of the third lap. A split second later Paul tries to go around Chris on the same turn but loses control and wallops the fence. He quickly clears the track but is in pain from his right hand or wrist and receives treatment on the centre green. Simon powers into the lead of heat 8 but Robbie passes Hugh on the first turn. Hugh is climbing all over Robbie and has Kyle right on his exhaust so when Hugh bounces off the safety fence on the third lap Kyle moves up into third place and indeed goes on to overtake his team mate out of the last turn to steal second place. Jordan is on a tactical ride in heat 9 and he shows Josef no mercy on the first and second turns passes Richard down the back straight. Richard scrapes the fence to regain the lead but try as he might Josef cannot get back on terms. With rain forecast the track was in need of water but it couldn't be risked which must have suited the visitors to a tee. Ricky and Hugh led heat 10 but Chris found some drive on the inside of the pits turn to pass Hugh. They had a good scrap for a couple of laps but Chris eased ahead only for his machine to slow dramatically out of the last turn. The Tigers lead now stands at fourteen points.

Kevin (on a tactical ride) leads heat 11 from Paul and Josh. Kyle passes Josh on the inside of the pits bend at the end of the first lap but Josh powers around him out of turn two to regain the place, and then passes Paul wide on the pits bend to go second. He uses the outside line to good advantage to catch Kevin and then switches to the inside on the first turn of the last lap completely fooling the visitors guest. Chris and Robbie trap ahead to lead heat 12 with Simon struggling to find grip. Josef cuts under Simon at the end of the second lap and then powers around Robbie on the third turn to go second but couldn't catch Chris. Simon put pressure on Robbie on the last lap but couldn't make the pass. Ricky trapped ahead to lead heat 13 from Jordan and Josh went around Kevin on the second turn to take third place. Jordan dived under Ricky at the end of the second lap to take the lead. Josh cut under Ricky on the second turn and set off after Jordan trying both the inside and outside lines but Jordan held on to win. Paul exceeds the two minutes in heat 14 and is replaced by Simon. Stefan leads from the tapes while Simon is the last away but has passed Robbie by the first turn. Richard swoops around Stefan on the pits turn and pulls clear. Simon catches Stefan and they switch positions for a couple of laps before Stefan eases ahead. Rye win the toss for gate positions (again) and it's Kevin who leads the way in heat 15. Richard and Kevin are neck and neck until Richard pulls ahead out of turn two on the second lap. Jordan tries the wide line at the end of the last lap but Ricky finds enough grip on the inside and holds on for third place.

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