Sheffield Speedway Match Reports 2005

Premier Trophy
Key:   + = from 15m handicap    * = Tactical ride for double points    ! = Golden Double Tactical Substitute from 15m
Sheffield PIRTEK 'Tigers' v Newcastle 'Diamonds' 21st April
Sean Wilson © 9.46 3 3 2' 3 3 14+1
Ben Wilson 4.96 1 1 3 3 8
Richard Hall 5.38 3 1' 2' 3 1 10+2
Ricky Ashworth 8.31 2' 2 3 ef 7+1
André Compton 8.70 2' 3 fx r 5+1
Paul Cooper 3.00 0 1 2 2 5
Kyle Legault 4.00 3 3 1 2' 9+1
Reg Wilson 4 3 5 5 3 4 4 4 5 5 2 5 3 2 4  
PIRTEK 'Tigers' (41) 4 7 12 17 20 24 28 32 37 42 44 49 52 54 58 99
Newcastle 'Diamonds' (48) 2 5 6 7 13 15 17 19 20 21 25 26 29 36 38 86
George English 2 3 1 1 6 2 2 2 1 1 4 1 3 7 2
Robbie Kessler (G) (8.04) 2 *6 3 2 2 15
Christian Henry 5.69 0 0 0 tps 0
Claus Kristensen 6.90 1 0 0 1 2
Josef Franc 6.77 0 2 1 *6 0 9
James Grieves © 8.00 1 2 ef 1' 4+1
Richie Dennis (G) (3.56) 1' 0 1 0 2+1
Jamie Robertson 4.62 2 0 2 1 1 6
01020304050607 0809101112131415
62.463.062.963.362.6 61.762.062.563.662.0 63.963.862.564.163.0

 Sean trapped ahead of Robbie to win heat 1, and after a cracking start Kyle pulled away to win heat 2 by a considerable margin, although Paul found himself stuck at the back of the field and seemingly unable to find any way past Richie Dennis. Richard blasted around Ricky out of turn 2 as the home pair took maximum points from heat 3. Kyle trapped alongside the in-form James Grieves in heat 4 but found some extra drive and lifted on the second turn causing James to back off and letting André through into second place. George English wasted no time in giving Robbie the black and white helmet in heat 5, and Robbie responded in style as he rounded Richard on the second turn and scorched away for a six point win.

James Grieves trapped again in heat 6, but Sean took the lead down the back straight although Ben was unable to follow suit. André trapped to win heat 7 but Paul had to work hard after another poor start and benefitted from a mistake by Claus Kristensen on the fourth turn. Kyle missed the start badly in heat 8 but stormed under Christian Henry on the first turn of the third lap, and just couldn't work out how to pass the very erratic Jamie Robertson who seemed to use all of the track for the remaining lap and a half. James made another blinding start in heat 9 but Ricky took the lead on the back straight, and Richard further relegated him on the pits turn at the end of the second lap. The Wilsons were sluggish from the tapes in heat 10 but Sean dived past Claus out of turn 2, and Ben sliced under Josef Franc into turn 3 on the first lap. Sean wasted no time closing in on Josef and he too made a sweet inside pass on the last turn on the second lap.

It was neck and neck between André and Robbie down the back straight in heat 11 and Robbie took a very aggressive line right across André's path entering turn 3. He then pulled a locker causing André to bale out and pick up an exclusion. Richard sped away to win heat 12 with Claus rounding Kyle out of turn two. Kyle wasted no time reclaiming second place by diving through on the inside of turn 3. Sean won heat 13 from Robbie who again got out of shape ahead of André, this time on the second bend, and although he didn't fall this time André had to shut off completely to avoid ramming him and retired from the race as a result. Josef picked up six points from heat 14 after Ricky ground to a halt on the first lap with Paul looking stronger in second place but unable to close the gap. Robbie was in the thick of the action again in heat 15 passing Sean on the second turn, although Sean was quick to respond retaking the lead on turn three and Richard just failed to squeeze past Robbie on the outside of turn two on the last lap.

The track looked good but wasn't riding nearly as well as usual. Times were fast but passing was at a premium. Sean picked up another maximum, Ben recovered well after a quiet start (beaten by James Grieves, I ask you!), and Richard had another good night against the club which rejected him only dropping points to Robbie Kessler. Ricky didn't look at all happy, especially after stopping in his last ride, and André twice had to take avoiding action behind Robbie in the closing stages. Kyle had his best meeting by far and only missed out on a paid maximum through a combination of a slow start and choosing the wrong overtaking line in his third outing. Paul was struggling after his mechanical problems of late and will need to get his new bike on-line. The Diamonds relied heavily on their guest who received scant support.

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