Sheffield Speedway Match Reports 2005

Key:   + = from 15m handicap    * = Tactical ride for double points    ! = Golden Double Tactical Substitute from 15m
Hull CPD 'Vikings' v Sheffield PIRTEK 'Tigers' Premier League 20th July
Emiliano Sanchez 8.41 2 1' 2' 0 5+2
Paul Thorp © 8.12 1' 2 3 3 3 12+1
Craig Branney 5.12 ns - - - dnr
Emil Kramer 7.62 2 2 3 3 1 11
Robbie Kessler (g) 8.87 2' 1 1 2 6+1
Simone Terenzani 4.71 3 1' 3 2' 0 2 fx 11+2
Danny Norton (g) 3.55 1 3 0 - f/rem 1' 5+1
Dave Peet 3 4 3 5 2 3 4 5 3 5 1 3 2 3 4
Hull CPD 'Vikings' 3 7 10 15 17 20 24 29 32 37 38 41 43 46 50
PIRTEK 'Tigers' 3 5 8 9 13 16 18 19 24 25 33 36 40 43 45
Neil Machin 3 2 3 1 4 3 2 1 5 1 8 3 4 3 2
Sean Wilson © 9.05 3 3 *6 3 2 17
Ben Wilson 6.26 0 1 0 2' 3+1
Ricky Ashworth 7.50 3 2 1 ef 6
Richard Hall 6.75 ns - - - dnr
André Compton 8.57 1 3 *4 1 x4 9
Paul Cooper 5.25 2 0 0 1' 3 2 8+1
Kyle Legault 4.00 f ef 0 1 0 1' 2+1
Heat times01020304050607 0809101112131415
67.3awd68.169.367.6 67.868.869.067.467.2 69.269.769.368.6 

Sean trapped and held off all that Emiliano Sanchez threw at him for the next four laps to win heat 1. Paul and Simone Terenzani were neck and neck into turn one with the home rider just shading it to pass Paul out of turn 2. Off a 15 metre handicap for touching the tapes at the first attempt Kyle found a handful of drive on the inside of turn two, got all out of shape and just missed both Danny Norton and the fence before getting it under control. Chasing hard he drew alongside Danny on the back straight on lap 3 and looked good to take third place until Danny stuffed him into the fence on turn 4. Kyle was furious but his protestations were ignored by the referee. After a cracking start in heat 3 Ricky found the same drive Kyle had in the previous heat and lifted exiting turn 2. Craig Branney tried to avoid him but took a heavy tumble into the fence with Richard reacting quickly to lay his bike down although not being able to avoid contact. Richard was immediately indicating a problem with his hand while Craig lay very still for quite some time before being taken off by ambulance. Both were assessed by the medics and took no further part in the meeting. Craig was interviewed later and said he saw Ricky lift and apportioned no blame but it didn't prevent the local inmates from calling Ricky all the names under the sun and booing him soundly as he won the restart. The Tigers fans looked on aghast as Kyle stalled at the start of heat 4 and André fell on turn 2. Guest Robbie nearly lost it on turn 4 on the third lap allowing Danny Norton a gift win. Sean took heat 5 at the stroll and Ben picked up a point when Danny made a big mess of the pits turn on lap 2.

André trapped to lead heat 6 and Paul Thorp just held onto second from Paul Cooper's challenge on turn 2. It took a while but Emiliano Sanchez wore Paul Cooper down eventually driving past him on the pits bend on lap 3 while André soaked up Thorp's challenges to hold the lead. Ricky passed Robbie Kessler on turn 2, lap 2 but never looked like catching Simone in heat 7, and Thorp and Simone took a comfortable 5-1 in heat 8 to extend the home lead to 10 points. Mr. Thorp's obscene gestures to the back straight crowd at this point were totally uncalled for. Emil Kramer trapped to win heat 9 from André and Paul with Danny Norton falling at the back. Kyle came in for Richard in heat 10 but watched from the rear as Ricky passed Thorp on turn 2 to take the lead. It was short lived as Paul blasted past him out of turn 4 and Emiliano also caught and passed him before they reached the first turn on lap 2.

That set up Sean for a tactical ride in heat 11 and he had the luxury of following fast starting Ben Wilson home ahead of Robbie Kessler, just passing Ben within feet of the finish line. With the gap down to 5 points were the Tigers back in with a chance? Paul Cooper and Ricky showed first in heat 12 and looked good for a big win until Ricky's bike expired at the start of lap 3! With the pressure on Emiliano got a flyer in heat 13 but was pulled back for a restart. He went one better second time around breaking the tapes and earned a 15 metre handicap. Sean took his fourth win but Robbie held his nerve and second place ahead of André and the home lead was just 3 points. Paul Cooper led heat 14 until Simone hurtled into the fence at the back of the field (throttle stuck?), and also led the restart until Emil Kramer shot past him exiting turn 4. The Tigers required a maximum to win the match and André decided to prepare the bit of track just ahead of his starting position. As he returned to the right side of the starting gate the assistant starting marshal went and raked over André's landscaping. As André returned to do it all again the two minute exclusion sounded. It was announced that André would start from a 15 metre handicap and with the time ticking away he eventually re-emerged from the pits only to begin remonstrating with the aforementioned marshal, and guess what, yes a second two minute exclusion. With all chance of losing gone it was totally unnecessary for Thorp to turn so violently right and into Sean on the run to the first bend, but Mr. Ackroyd seemed as blind to that manoeuvre as to his two fingered gesturing.

They are looking for £75,000 to persuade the rugby club to rebuild the speedway track on the redundant dog track. I contributed to the 'save Ipswich speedway' fund and many other worthy causes over the years but no one need bother asking for me to help in this case.

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