Sheffield STAR 'Tigers' v Glasgow McAlpine'Tigers' British League II (B) 21 July 1994
Ref: Barry Bowles 0102030405 0607080910 1112131415 16Tot+Bp
1. Roman Matousek © 2 2 3 1' 1' 9+2
2. Rod Colquhoun 1' 0 3 2' 6+2
3. Robbie Kessler 0 0 1' 0 1+1
4. George Stancl 1 3 2 2' 2' 10+2
5. Alan Mogridge 3 3 2 2 3 13
6. Steve Knott 2' 0 0 - 2+1
7. Greg Bartlett 3 1 2' 3 3 2 14+1
Reg Wilson 35143 23535 23353 5
STAR 'Tigers' 3891316 1821262934 3639424750 55
McAlpine 'Tigers' 3491114 1821222526 3033363740 41
Ian Steel 31523 43131 43313 1
1. Robert Nagy 3 2 1 2 - 3 11
2. Mick Powell 0 1' 1 - 0 2+1
3. David Walsh 3 2 1 1' 3 ef 10+1
4. James Grieves 2' 1' 0 1 4+2
5. Nigel Crabtree © 2 3 3 3 0 11
6. Sean Courtney 1 1 0 ef - 1 3
7. Stewart McDonald 0 0 - 0 0
Track record = 60.7
C.Morton, 29 Aug 1988
0102030405 0607080910 1112131415 16

This was a glorious miss-match between top of the league Glasgow and bottom side Sheffield. The McAlpine 'Tigers' had only lost two matches all season, one recently at Brough Park while Sheffield had won only three matches but had recently held the Invaders to a draw at Station Road. Alan Mogridge was making his home debut having struggled and lost confidence with his previous club Middlesbrough while Robert Nagy was returning after a spell on the injured list.

Robert gated ahead in the first heat with Roman Matousek passing his team mate on the first lap. Rod Colquhoun looked back on the pace thanks to a new engine from his Dad and he easily held off a brief challenge from Mick Powell. Greg skirted the boards into the lead on the back straight of heat 2 while Steve Knott passed Steve McDonald on the pits bend on the first lap, and did the same to Sean Courtney on the second lap. Dave Walsh trapped ahead in heat 3 and James Grieves rounded Robbie Kessler out of turn two to join him for a maximum heat win. Alan Mogridge trapped to make the perfect home debut and although Nigel Crabtree rounded Greg on the third turn he couldn't find his way past Moggo. The underdogs have a slender two point lead.

Young George Stancl never knows when he's beat and left it to the last lap picking off Mick Powell on the first turn and then surprising Robert Nagy on the third turn to the delight of the home crowd. Nigel Crabtree trapped to win heat 6 with Sean Courtney taking a point from Rod Colquhoun to level the points again. Alan Mogridge trapped to win heat 7 but David Walsh and James Grieves contained Robbie Kessler for another shared heat. Greg trapped ahead of fellow Aussie Mick Powell in heat 8 but Rod Colquhoun flew around the boards on the 3rd and 4th turns to take the lead in an Aussie wipe out leaving the home team four points ahead and the crowd loving the action.

Nigel Crabtree won heat 9 from George Stancl but Robbie Kessler was gifted third place when Sean Courtney's bike cut out on the last lap. Rod Colquhoun trapped to lead heat 10 and Roman perched on his shoulder for 3 laps team riding to guard against any attempt from Dave Walsh. Robert Nagy pushed Moggo out on the first turn of heat 11 allowing Nigel Crabtree into the lead. Moggo fought back passing Robert on the third lap but the champions elect pulled another two points back. Out again as a tac-sub in heat 12 he was passed by Greg Bartlett out of gate four who just held on for a thrilling win and a six point lead.

Dave Walsh traps to lead heat 13 from Roman. Moggo is last but rounds Nigel Crabtree on the pits turn on the first lap and then Roman on the second lap. Greg traps ahead in heat 14 and George Stancl rounds James Grieves out of turn two for a vital maximum heat win. Ten ahead with two heats remaining has the home fans celebrating like we'd won the league! Greg traps slightly ahead in heat 15 but Robert takes Roman right to the fence before sweeping into the lead. Roman was furious and over rode trying to get back to Robert with Greg splitting them on the last lap. Moggo trapped to lead heat 16 until Dave Walsh got better drive on the inside of the pits turn on the first lap. George Stancl was untroubled by Sean Courtney and it looked like a shared heat until Dave's bike expired on the third lap.

The Glasgow fans sportingly gifted the bubbly they had brought with them (so sure of the away win) to the victorious team and everyone agreed that the real winners were the supporters who had been gloriously entertained.

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