All photographs © G.Ridsdale unless otherwise stated.
Some of my snaps...
Kyle Legault Kyle Legault, press & practice 2005. Kyle Legault Kyle exits turn 2, press & practice 2005.
Cooperman Paul Cooper, press & practice 2005. Richard Hall Richard Hall, press & practice 2005.
Sean Wilson Sean Wilson, press & practise 2005. André Compton André Compton, press & practice 2005.
Pure symmetry Those were the days! Press & practise 1988. Honda prototype The prototype Honda speedway machine.
The Prawn A young Sean Wilson & 'those' leathers. Kelly Moran, USA Kelly Moran, press & practise 1988.
Phil White leads at the Shay Phil White leads from Doug Wyer and John Louis. Reg trails home last at the Shay Reg trails in last at the Shay. (Early 80's)
André leads at Reading André & James at Reading David Speight & James Cockle David Speight & James Cockle
Siobhan, Claire, Tara & Kat Start Line Girls, Siobhan, Claire, Tara & Kat. Cooperman Paul Cooper
Scott Smith Scott Smith Ben Wilson Ben Wilson
Ricky Ashworth Ricky Ashworth Lee Complin Lee Complin
Robbie Kessler Robbie Kessler James Grieves No, not a mirage. It's James Grieves at Owlerton!
Adam Allott Adam Allott Lee Complin Lee Complin
Scud leads from Robbie at Stoke Scud, Flick, Tony & Buzz at Stoke Robbie leads Jan & Sean at Stoke Flick, Jan, Sean & Paul at Stoke
Lee Hodgson Lee Hodgson in full flow. Official practice The queue on practice day
Neil Collins Neil Collins hasn't forgotten his way around Owlerton Stoney gives chase Workington's Carl Stonehewer
Practise day 1999 Practise day 1999. Was this prophetic? Lou's Kingdom Starters orders.
Tim Lucking & Sam Ermolenko Tim Lucking gives the World Champion
some basketball tips
Stoney at the Sky match "Look out Stoney. Here she comes again!".
Something fishy here? There's something different about this shot. Lance King & Rick Miller inside Peter Carr & Neil Evitts Test match action
England v USA at Owlerton

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