Sheffield Speedway Match Reports 2005

Key:   + = from 15m handicap    * = Tactical ride for double points    ! = Golden Double Tactical Substitute from 15m
Sheffield PIRTEK 'Tigers' v Belle Vue Fonestyle UK 'Comets select' 'War of the Roses' 23rd June
André Compton ©   3 3 2 3 2' 13+1
Paul Cooper   0 2' 1 0 3+1
Ricky Ashworth   ef 3 *6 3 3 15
Adam Allott (g)   1 0 1 1 3
 Matej Zagar (g)   2 1 *6 1 10
Ben Wilson   1 0 0 r 1
Trevor Harding   r 1' r 1 2+1
Reg Wilson 3 1 1 3 3 5 1 1 7 2 6 4 4 1 5
PIRTEK 'Tigers' 3 4 5 8 11 16 17 18 25 27 33 37 41 42 47
Fonestyle 'Aces' 3 8 13 16 19 20 25 30 32 36 39 41 43 48 49
Ian Thomas 3 5 5 3 3 1 5 5 2 4 3 2 2 5 1
Jason Lyons ©   2 1' 2 2 7+1
Rusty Harrison   1' 2 3 1' 7+2
Simon Stead   3 3 ef 1 ef 1 8
Joe Screen   2' 2' 3 3 10+2
Andy Smith r/r   - - - - (1)
Krister Marsh   3 0 2 2 7
James Wright   2' 3 2' r 2' 0 9+3
Aidan Collins   0 1 1
01020304050607 0809101112131415
62.061.460.161.460.7 60.460.160.860.960.1 60.761.561.062.061.8

Trevor leads Aiden Collins Paul Cooper in full flight Andy Smith couldn't give a toss for the supporters. Someone tell him the feeling is mutual.

André looked good in the No.1 jacket and sped to a comfortable win ahead of Owlerton specialist (NOT) Jason Lyons in the first heat. Paul was fast away but Rusty Harrison passed him on the inside of turn 2 on the second lap to share the heat. Ben briefly challenged James Wright for second place on the first lap of heat 2, but after that the Aces strolled to a maximum win to open up a four point lead. Ricky mixed it with Simon for a lap in heat 3 before his bike gave up the ghost, and Adam was so far behind the field that Joe Screen was able to cruise home in second place despite running the entire last lap with a sick sounding engine. Ian Thomas sportingly elected to use No.8 Aiden Collins in heat 4 for their absentee. Matej Zagar was a sluggish starter and never looked like catching James Wright, while Trevor did just enough to cling onto third place and share the heat. Ricky led heat 5 after another blistering first lap but Adam Allott looked as if he would struggle in the conference league on current form.

André stormed into the lead in heat 6 and no.8 Aiden Collins moved Paul Cooper over exiting turn 2 which meant Krister Marsh having to take avoiding action as the fence loomed close. Paul kept up the pressure and snatched second place at the flag after running a brave wide line round the final corners. Simon and Joe mugged Matej at the startline in heat 7 and he never looked like making up lost ground. James Wright and Rusty Harrison left Paul in their wakes as they claimed another 1-5 in heat 8 leaving the Tigers now trailing by 12 points. Reg responded by nominating Ricky as a tactical in heat 9, but Ian Thomas retailiated by selecting Simon Stead as rider replacement. Ricky sliced under Simon exiting turn 2 to lead but the battle didn't ensue as Simon's bike threw in the towel. Out again in heat 10 Simon looked quite subdued and followed André round for a third place finish. Joe's win extended the Aces lead back to 9 points.

Reg gambled on Matej for a tactical in heat 11 and it came up trumps as he outpaced Jason and Rusty to claim a six point win, very lucky considering he rode the last half lap on a punctured rear tyre. Simon was struggling to beat the 2 minute allowance in heat 12 and climbed on Joe Screen's bike. Ricky was twitching at the tapes and the first start was called back allowing Simon to switch back onto his own bike. That proved to be a mistake as it lasted barely a lap before forcing another retirement. The Aces now led by just four points and elected to use the unbeaten James Wright as rider replacement in heat 13. André passed Jason out of the pits turn to lead, Matej closed in on but never challenged while James retired from the back of the field. Two points seperated the teams and Adam Allott had the chance to show King's Lynn what a mistake they had made by giving him the sack. He didn't take it though and James Wright passed him on the third turn to join Joe for another 1-5 and decide the match. The nominated heat was a bit of an anti-climax but Ricky enjoyed beating Simon, as indeed did the reigning PLRC champion.

Jason looked as second-rate as he always does at Owlerton. Rusty rode well and was entertaining. Simon started the meeting in fine style but then suffered badly with motor problems. Joe looked very stylish and was not beaten by the opposition. Rider replacement for Andy Smith accumulated 1 point, that's about fair. Krister Marsh looked good, and James Wright was very impressive and joint top scorer. André looked good in the no.1 jacket and dropped just one point to Joe Screen. Paul had his moments but struggled a little against such august opponents. Ricky bounced back from a retirement first time out to bag four wins, passing Steady in the process, and didn't he look happy. Adam Allott would struggle in the conference league on this showing, and Matej will have to work on his gating if he wants to move up to the elite. Ben Wilson had a shocker of a meeting and looked well off the pace while I always expected Trevor would find it a struggle to compete.

Two points behind after the first leg, but it looks as if the aggregate win will go to Sheffield as I understand that Belle Vue are not at all interested in inviting us back for the second leg. Assuming that we can claim that as Belle Vue 0-75 Sheffield it leaves the final result as Sheffield 122 - Belle Vue 49.

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